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Single Parents Dating

Single Parents dating is a dating site that we strongly believe was lacking within South Africa. A dating site especially designed and developed for lonely parents with kids.  Although there are many dating sites available, it becomes difficult to choose. Research shows that it is difficult for a single parent to actually meet someone on a dating site, without been judged or let down with the excuse of  -  "I really do not want kids".

Being a single parent  should not stop you from living your life and enjoying your life.  One can be the best parent, but when the kids go off to sleep at night, the loneliness kicks in and does get to one. We can keep ourselves busy to break the loneliness , but there will always be that inner feeling that you cannot hide from, and that is the need to talk to a friend - or even a very special friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or lover.

Single Parents

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With our research we realized  that there are single parents who find it difficult to meet others. There is a world out there of online dating that can open amazing doors to friendships and even love, but there is so many too choose from that it actually becomes difficult. Have you ever experience registering on a site, view the profiles and start chatting and all of a sudden you get blocked, or deleted because you were honest enough to say you are a proud single mom or dad. Without even finding out more about you the block happens, it is so frustrating and disappointing, but it happens.

There is also the group of parents who have never even considered dating as they have been so busy being a good dedicated and loving parent. Nothing wrong with that, but each person does deserve some time for themselves, as well as some time with other adults.  Online dating and chat sites can be so much fun, so exciting as well as overwhelming, therefore we would like all
single parents to have a fair chance of the excitement, chats , friendships and even love.

Our dating site gives you the opportunity to view profiles, and start talking to other lonely parents whose profiles you liked.  The online dating world is in your hands, where you can share experiences of been a single parent, the difficulties, the challenges,  the laughter and joy your child or children bring you. We have seen many long lasting relationships that started of with a "hi there" and develop into friendships upon which love transpires.

Can you think of a better way to meet another single parent than in the absolute comfort of your own home, where you are safe,  at your own space with no pressure from anyone, where you are relaxed and can talk without been judged by others?

It sounds so simple because it is simple, visit our site Excellence Dating - Single Parents and join many other lonely parents, waiting to make friends, find love and share experiences.

Always remember safety first  - Chat and get to know someone before meeting, always meet in a public place, always be proud of who you are as a parent is truly a special person.

Excellence Dating wish you all the best with your search to that perfect partner.